To prevent young people taking part in antisocial behaviour, committing acts of crime and/or becoming victims of exploitation. We aim to support young people to empower themselves in order for them to be able to manage their lives positively; with the belief and hope of personal prosperity, which can aid them in becoming positive members of society.

Our Aims

To educate and support vulnerable young people to empower themselves in order to prevent gang crime and exploitation of young people. To inspire young people to become positive, productive members of society.

We seek to inspire and support the empowerment of young people so they are able to make decisions that will bring about positive, productive and fruitful routes in their lives.

Our Objectives

Educating vulnerable young people about the obvious and hidden dangers of gang crime and exploitation. We aim to support them in identifying the challenges and hurdles that block them from empowering themselves.

We seek to provide constructive and sustainable solutions to manage the real issues they face on a daily basis. Our project involves carefully structured interactive workshops; facilitated debates and discussions, questions and answers, PowerPoint presentations, skills practice exercises, quizzes, reading and written work.