Case Study – ND Service User

ND continues to volunteer with Voluntary Action Lewisham (VAL) at a homeless shelter in Lewisham.  As well as this ND has now been granted permitted hours, which allows him to work 15.59hours a week in a barbershop.  Due to Nd’s well-being now stabilized, he is now able and motivated to work in the community. ND  has now taken charge and is responsible and disciplined and enjoying a new lease of life.

 Above: ND cutting homeless service users hair at the 999 club in Lewisham

The purpose of this intervention was to support ND, a vulnerable adult, to break free from substance abuse, maintain abstinence and to go on to lead a positive and productive life contributing to his community.

ND was born in East London, where he lived up until the age of 11, at which point he moved to South Africa and lived there up until he was 21 years of age. ND then came back to England and settled in Norwich. ND is 38 years old. His upbringing was very unsettling, moving from place to place. ND is also an adopted child to Caucasian parents. He states that he felt alone, abandoned and confused, due to his different skin colour. ND found school very challenging and left with no GCSE’s and dropped out of school when he was 15 years of age. Whilst growing up in South Africa ND was exposed to drug dealing and abuse in the neighbourhood he grew up in, and was influenced by this and experimented by the age of 12. The means by which ND funded his drug use was criminal activity. He has been to prison six times and as a result ND lost his job as a qualified Barber in 2015, his house, all contact with his family and became homeless. ND asked for a referral to go to a Rehab whilst in prison last year and got support for this from the Rehabilitation Addiction Prisoners Trust (RAPT) team in prison. A referral was made to U Turn Recovery Project and an agreement was made for ND to be picked up from the prison gate upon release and to go straight to U Turn Recovery Project.

Upon completion of treatment at U-Turn Recovery Project ND moved over to Kairos where he stayed in one of their move on homes.  After 8 months there he made a referral for a room in U-Turn Supported Move On Homes and has since been a resident here.

Outcomes delivered for Service User – How have these outcomes been achieved:
Overall Outcomes:

Outcome 1

Higher aspirations. Maintaining abstinence.

ND continues to abstain from drugs and alcohol.  He strives to do his best.  This is evident from his constructive, positive attitude.

Outcome 2

Learn to face challenges, make positive choices and tackle his problems.

ND has shown real growth around his recovery.  He recently visited his family in South Africa, strengthening those family connections, who remain a strong source of support for him.  One of ND’s biggest obstacles has been to think before acting, ensuring that he is considerate of others.  This is something he continues to successfully work on and is apparent through his commitment to voluntary work and supporting new residents when they arrive in the home.

Outcome 3

Semi-independently, ND begins to explore integration into mainstream society.

ND is now doing permitted hours in a barbershop, which has helped give structure and purpose to his day.  It gives him a sense of responsibility as well as some financial security. The plan moving forward is to get back into full time employment.

Additional Outcomes

ND continues to volunteer with Voluntary Action in Lewisham (VAL) at a homeless shelter in Lewisham.  As well as this ND has now been granted permitted hours, which allows him to work 15.59hours a week in a barbershop.  Through work ND is now motivated, responsible and disciplined.

How Did Community Interventions Support The Service User?

The service provided a place for ND to live in order to continue to address his issues with drugs and alcohol, whilst motivating him towards and encouraging independent living and integration back into mainstream society.

  • It provided ND with a safe, clean, healthy environment to continue his recovery, giving him the opportunity to save money in order to move on to independent living.
  • One to one key work and care plan sessions.

Above:  ND returning to the U-Turn Recovery Project in Lewisham to cut the services users hair and give back to the project

The best thing about the service is…It has inspired me to be a positive member of my community by contributing to others!....What could be better I have no complaints, It serves me well!!

ND Service UserND Comments About The Service

6. What is the progression route for the Service User
The progression route for ND is to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol and reintegrate back into mainstream society.

Comments from Michael Brown Managing Director of Community Interventions:

It has been amazing to see ND’s progression since he came to Community Interventions Supported Move On Homes and it has been a privilege and an honor to have supported him up until now. I wish him all the best for the future and Community Interventions

Date: 19th November 2018