Former newspaper Editor, Author of spy thriller ‘Armour Piercing’, Clinical hypnotherapist and now partner in Action Guidance Plus CIC.

Peter Aengenheister

‘A local newspaper editor with more than 36 years’ experience fighting for ‘the underdog’, has lent his weight to the sterling work of Community Interventions not for profit CIC in their efforts to help make better lives for vulnerable adults in society.

After twenty-three years as a newspaper editor, in the Rugby and Daventry area with a total of 36 years in local journalism, I have always been interested in the trials and tribulation of this mainly rural, heart of England community. As an editor I always saw my role and one, which stood up for local people, cared about what mattered to them and championed their causes.
Even when I finally left journalism to pursue other interests, they still weren’t far from local issues. I trained to be a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and as well as my own work I did sessions at Myton Hospice.
I found helping people through hypnotherapy highly rewarding, and for some time I worked with local heart and cancer patients.
Quite recently, with two other colleagues I set up Action Guidance Plus, a not for profit, Community Interest Company, and together with Community Interventions not for profit CIC, have been looking at ways of giving help and support to ex offenders being released from prison back into society. Through my acquaintance with property entrepreneur, Gillian Larner, I was
introduced to Anthony Powell and Michael Brown’s stories of rehabilitation and hope.

‘When I heard Michael’s experiences, I couldn’t help but admire his grit and determination. Changing his lives for the better had become his  passion. But what was even more important was, that he had experienced a ‘Saul on the road to Damascus’ moment, which stopped him in their tracks and forced him to think again about what he was doing with his life.

Michael Brown, with Community Interventions not for profit CIC, provides a very special service, Supported Housing in the Rugby area. Here, Community Interventions not for profit CIC, provide care, support, nurturing and brilliant supported accommodation to vulnerable adults leaving prison or rehab centres or those engaging with drug and alcohol services in the community, giving them a real chance to make a significant and worthwhile contribution to the area. For those who are accommodated and committed to making positive change for the better, it is moments like this, that we hope can inspire
change in other vulnerable adults and that it results in happier and more fulfilling futures for them.’

I would recommend Community Interventions in the work that they do, and its always interesting to hear where the desire for this work was inspired. It’s worth listening!