“I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given. I am satisfied with the service that is being provided, it allows me to continue to concentrate on my recovery and move forward with my life. I am in a happy place.”

Supported Housing Resident

“It has inspired me to be a positive member of my community by contributing. I have no complaints, it serves me well.”

Supported Housing Resident

“I have found working with this organisation very beneficial to our clients that have been referred. The level of professionalism has been exemplary. They are very attentive to our clients needs and have provided a valuable support service.”

Kenny Brown, Service Manager, Kairos Community Trust

“Been a very professional service, had good feedback from our clients who we have referred in their recovery journey. Aiding to build client support network and community, which has been offered through the Move on Homes.”

Lee Vines, Support Worker, Kairos Community Trust