Mission Statement - Community Interventions Supported Housing

Community Interventions provide supported housing for those vulnerable to social exclusion, specifically those with a history of substance misuse, homelessness or criminal offending behavior. We aim to prevent adults taking part in negative and destructive behaviour. We support adults to empower themselves in order for them to be able to manage their lives positively; with the belief and hope of personal prosperity, which can aid them in becoming positive members of society. We are passionate about preventing homelessness of those most vulnerable in our communities.


Quality matters to us! As part of our mission is to strive to bring the best services to our services users and partners. We are regulated by industry leading bodies such as:

– Quality Management System ISO 9001

Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001

– We are an accredited landlord with London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Our Aims

Community Interventions house and support vulnerable adults, encouraging, supporting and bringing about health and well being for the individual.  To inspire them to become positive, productive members of society.

Community Interventions inspire and support the empowerment of vulnerable adults so that they are able to make decisions that will bring about positive, productive and fruitful routes in their lives.

Our Objectives

Housing and supporting vulnerable adults to identify in their lives barriers and obstacles that prevent them from living independently, and identifying solutions with action plans to implement the desired outcome.

Community Interventions provide constructive and sustainable solutions to manage the real issues they face on a daily basis.