About Us

Community Interventions is a prevention and progression supported housing service, which creates windows of opportunities to support vulnerable adults to empower themselves, through providing safe and stable accommodation.

Community Interventions is a community interest company (CIC) not for profit organisation, which consists of a team who are passionate about supporting vulnerable people.

The hope is that they will go on to live positive and productive lives, creating for themselves and others safer and healthier communities.

We work alongside local authorities, Her Majesty’s Prisons, Employment, Education and Training organisations and Supported Housing organisations.

Our supported housing service focuses on intervention, prevention and support that deliver good outcomes for our service users.  We aim to support every service user through their journey of rehabilitation at every stage.


Keeping vulnerable adults safe.


Reduction of cost pressures placed on both local government and taxpayers.


Engaging vulnerable adults through key works and care plans to enhance their well-being.


Increase long-term active take up of education, employment and training.